Overview of St. John's Church Funds

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Below are brief narratives of the various Church funds and what they benefit.  Please contact the church office if you have any questions about these funds.

Church Donations to the church benefit the overall operations and programs of St. John of Damascus church.  
Kurban & Flowers Donations given help to defray the costs of both the Kurban (Holy Bread) and Flowers needed for the weekly church services.  Prayers of Oblation in memory of/for the health of …. ($20 is the suggested donation).
Scholarship Fund Donations given help to to fund the St. John of Damascus Community Scholarship fund, which is given each year in May to high school senior(s) entering an accredited univerity or technical school in the fall.
Virgin Mary Society Donations given support the programs of the Virgin Mary Society.
Church School Donations given support the Church School operations.
Choir Donations given support the operations and needs of the Choir.
Teen SOYO Donations given support the programs of the Teen SOYO.
Assistance Fund Donation to the Assistance Fund are used to help parishioners of St. John's in need of financial assistance.
Cardoos Libary Fund Donations given help support the Church Library and the Church School .
Ayoub Memorial Fund The John Ayoub Memorial Fund was established to support programs of the Church School. 
Zahka Memorial Fund The Peter A. Zahka Memorial Fund was established to provide and confer unto the Church such benefits and betterment’s as the Trustees shall deem appropriate, and in doing so, commemorate and memorialize all those who have served the Church with love, devotion, dedication and loyalty.