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Submit a Donation Request to the Church

Use this option to submit a donation request to the church office and choose to pay for it by either mailing a check to the church or paying for it when your are at the church. This is the old donation request system and should be used for those who don't want to pay with credit cards.

Submit requests for donations to the Church Office

Used to submit donation requests and send payment in later to church

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If you want to make sure your donation is listed in the upcoming Sunday bulletin, it must be submitted before the bulletin deadline.

Please check the Church Office web page or the past week's bulletin for the date and time of the bulletin deadline, as office hours vary during the course of the year.

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Help and Instructions

Help on Donation RequestsThere are several steps to submitting your donation request to the church office. It is strongly recommended that you read and print the following:

Help on Submitting
Donation Requests

Watch the step-by step video

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