Holy Week Donations

The deadline for the Holy Week Donations is: 
Sunday, April 18, 2021

Click here if you need instructions on filling out this donation form.

Donations for Lent and Holy Week

The Lenten Season will soon be underway, and Holy Week and Pascha will be here as well. There are many things, as you know, that the Church will need for all the special services coming up.

If you would like to offer a donation to the Church for the "Health of" or "In Memory of" any of your family members or friends, please submit your donation below as soon as possible.

We thank you and pray that you experience a most joyfully rewarding and fruitful Lenten season and celebration of our Lord's Holy Pascha.


You can submit donations to the church to help support Holy Week and Pascha on this secure page.

The deadline for the Holy Week Donations is: 

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Complete your contact information.

Fill in the donation information, the amount of donation and the details of the donation (who or what is it for and who is it from).

When checking out, you can decide on whether you want to pay by credit card or mail your check to the church.

If you pay by credit card, you can complete your transaction on this page by entering your credit card details on this secure page.

When you submit your donation, you will receive an acknowledgment on this page.  You will also receive an email confirmation with all the details of this donation.

If you prefer to mail in your donation, you can download the donation form here.

Thank you for donating to St. John's!

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