COVID-19 Safety Procedures

March 2022 Update

COVID-19 Safety Procedures

This guidance is aligned with the newest Mass State guidelines

The St. John’s COVID committee’s mission continues to be the concern for the safety of all parishioners in attendance at church. Thankfully, both the Delta and Omicron surges are largely behind us, and spring is around the corner. While we cannot predict when or if there will be another surge, the declining levels of circulating virus in the area allow us to roll back some of the COVID safety measures for the time being. Any updates will be posted in the weekly bulletin and/or emailed to all parishioners.

Please do not come to church if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or have had a positive test within the last 10 days.

Please be respectful of others, their privacy, and health concerns when applying these guidelines.

  • General Masking Guidelines

    Masks are optional for all parishioners and visitors who attend any indoor services or activities at St. Johns with the understanding that masks are strongly encouraged for unvaccinated parishioners and visitors, as well as those attendees who have a weakened immune system, underlying medical condition, or have someone in their household that does.

  • Altar Servers, Chanters and Choir

    The choir will continue to sing the Divine Liturgy under the direction of our choir director Andrew Hazerjian. Masks are optional for vaccinated choir members, altar servers and chanters. Masks are required for unvaccinated choir members, altar servers and chanters. Fans will remain in the choir loft to assist with ventilation.

  • Church School

    Masks are optional for all teachers and students of the church school during class with the understanding that masks are strongly encouraged for unvaccinated teachers and students during class.

  • No kissing of icons or kiss of peace

    We will not yet resume the kiss of peace or kissing icons or crosses. Simply bow in reverence.

  • Holy Bread

    Holy Bread will be distributed after communion and after church. Altar Servers will hand out holy bread with clean, gloved hands. Similarly, church school students will have holy bread handed to them after church school classes.

  • Coffee Hours

    Coffee hours resumed in February 2022. Please observe the general masking guidelines, above. Parishioners and visitors who are masked should remain masked until they are seated to enjoy their food and drink. Food will be served by a server, and self-serve items will be individually packaged.

  • Air Circulation and Fans

    Pedestal fans will continue to be used at the front of the church, in the sanctuary, and in the choir loft, where there is poor air circulation. Church doors are no longer required to be open during the liturgy service.

For further information about COVID-19, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), ( has a wealth of information.

Let us all continue to pray for those throughout the world and country battling this virus; as well as for the families who have lost loved ones.

As always, please reach out to Fr. John with questions or concerns.

With much love in the Lord,

The COVID Committee
(Susan Bezreh, Gail Kurker, Liz MacNeil, Dr. Rachel Sabbag Reynolds, Joan Teebagy, George Matthews, Rick Ahto and Fr. John Teebagy)