Executive Board

Executive Board

ChairmanGail Kurker
Vice-chairmanRick Ahto
TreasurerKathy Tawa
Recording SecretaryCarol Hazerjian

Executive Board Members

Bezreh, Susan
Cardoos, Alan
Esty, Janice
Greenstein, Debbie
Hamwey, Ray
Hazerjian, Brian
Khouri, Arthur
Kurker, Robert
Matthews, George
Najjar, John
Sabbag, Abe
Shagoury, David
Teebagy, Joan
Teebagy, Fr. John
Veo, Laura
Zahka Jr., Robert

About the Executive Board

The affairs of the Parish are administered by a governing body named the Executive Board.

The Executive Board consists of the Pastor, ex officio (non-voting) and twenty-one (21) voting members who are elected from the Voting Membership of the Parish.

The Executive Board is bound to carry out the mission as set forth in our Constitution and to act in accordance with the By-Laws of the Parish.

For more details, see the Constitution and By-Laws of our Parish.

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